Rinker Family Photos

November 23, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Cortney, Justin, and Sophie in Old Town Alexandria for their family photos. Cortney told me that since Sophie was born, they haven't had many photos with the three of them because one of them had to take the photo. I've heard this story many times and I was more than happy to help them create images with the three of them for their wall and holiday cards. Enjoy a preview of their family photos!

20141025_RinkerFamily_0051-RT20141025_RinkerFamily_0051-RT 20141025_RinkerFamily_018720141025_RinkerFamily_0187 20141025_RinkerFamily_020120141025_RinkerFamily_0201 20141025_RinkerFamily_026220141025_RinkerFamily_0262 20141025_RinkerFamily_026420141025_RinkerFamily_0264 20141025_RinkerFamily_029920141025_RinkerFamily_0299 20141025_RinkerFamily_037420141025_RinkerFamily_0374 20141025_RinkerFamily_054120141025_RinkerFamily_0541 20141025_RinkerFamily_056520141025_RinkerFamily_0565 20141025_RinkerFamily_059920141025_RinkerFamily_0599 20141025_RinkerFamily_058020141025_RinkerFamily_0580


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