Scenes of Southern California

July 18, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I was in Los Angeles for a conference a few weeks ago and decided to spend an additional weekend with my family in the area. I spent a night at Joshua Tree National Park because I heard it has some of the darkest skies in the United States. I wanted to see how my night sky photography would compare to those I took in Virginia. All I can say is the sky is amazing out there. The lack of light pollution and low humidity creates the perfect conditions for viewing the stars and Milky Way. The half-moon was really bright as you can tell from the second image of the rocks. It looks like noon, but it was really well after sunset. 

My last day in California was spent at Mt Baldy, the highest peak in southern California. I decided to head toward the peak and look out over the valley. The views were fantastic and the setting sun created a really nice trail of light on the mountain and silhouetted the ridge line of trees very well. I hope you enjoy the images!

Milky Way at Joshua TreeMilky Way at Joshua TreeA capture of the milky way at Joshua Tree National Park Stars on the RocksStars on the RocksMoonlit rocks at Joshua Tree National Park Mt Baldy at SunsetMt Baldy at SunsetFrom one of the peaks at Mt Baldy in southern California. Ridge Line Tree SilhouetteRidge Line Tree SilhouetteA close up view of the trees marching up Mt Baldy's ridge line.


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