Julia and Justin's Engagement Session - Purcellville, VA

September 20, 2014  •  1 Comment

Julia, originally from Pennsylvania, and Justin, originally from Georgia, meet each other in Hawaii. Julia was visiting some family and Justin was there on business. After exchanging glances at the local pancake house over breakfast and passing each other in the hotel hallways, Julia's friends convinced her to give Justin her phone number. He quickly called her to set up a date while they were still in Hawaii. Their evening started with dinner and then turned magical as they danced and Justin sang songs in Julia's ear. Justin has a great musical ability, able to play the guitar, banjo, harmonica, and the piano.

Fast forward several months, the two of them are living together. One day Julia received a package in the mail. She thought the package might have been for their neighbor, but Justin told her to open it anyway, just to check. In the package were bridal magazines and a celebratory card for her recent engagement. Julia, now convinced that the package was for their neighbor, turned to Justin. At that point, he was down on one knee with a ring in his hand. Now, they are in the midst of planning a lovely rustic wedding for next October.

When I first met Julia and Justin, you could tell that they really cared for each other and the story of how they met makes total sense. I can tell that Julia has a lot of personality and will strike up conversation with any friendly face near by. Justin seems a bit more reserved and only speaks when he has something important to say, but I see his face light up when he talks about Julia. 

With that, I am very happy to present Julia and Justin's engagement photos that were taken at Creek Crossing Farm in Purcellville, Virginia. We had perfect weather and a wonderful sunset and I was honored to be their photographer. Enjoy!


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Great shots! Cute couple and romantic setting.
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